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Carpenter Bees


They may not be bumblebees. They may be carpenter bees.  If their abdomen is shiny and not carpeted with hair, they are carpenter bees. Carpenter bee females build nests in burrows in dead wood and structures. They are often seen hovering near the eaves of a home. They don’t eat the wood. They use wood bits to form partitions in their nests, hence the name of their species, Xylocopa, which means “woodcutter” in Greek. Although one species of carpenter bee does live in tunnels in the ground, generally ground dwellers are bumblebees.

Females have stingers, but are rather docile unless truly provoked. Males are often found near a female’s nest to prevent other males from mating with her. Males may display aggressive behavior and “buzz” or hover very near an unwelcome visitor, but as they don’t have stingers, it is really just a show. Both male and female are predominantly black in color but may also have some yellow. All males have larger eyes, which assist them in their nest protection role.

Carpenter bees play an important part in pollinating plants. They feed on nectar and have been known to gather nectar by cutting into the sides of flowers.

The nests are generally built in old tunnels, so it is important to seal off the entries. There are typically six to eight chambers in a nest. They lay eggs in the chambers, adding a supply of pollen and nectar for the larvae. The larvae pulpate and emerge in August, returning to the tunnels in winter to hibernate.

Insecticides are generally effective against the bees. Multiple treatments may be necessary to be certain the bees and larvae or eliminated. As the entries are often in the eaves, there is a danger of the insecticide falling back on the person applying the poison. Therefore, many homeowners opt to have this done by a licensed pest control company.

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