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Once ATG Pest Control, LLC has exterminated your current bug problem, you can deter future bug infestations with spring and fall exterior treatments around the perimeter of your structure. These treatments create a barrier that reduces the likelihood of interior pest issues.

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Pantry Moths


Whether you call them India Meal Moth, Pantry Moths, North American High-flyer, or Weevil Moth this is a very destructive invader that will ruin your grain-based foods.

If you spot a bronze, copper, grayish tan moth flying around in your house, check your food stocks. It is necessary to wash or wipe down everything. Check inside jar lids as they often hide there. If you see webs, cream colored larvae or waxworms or moths, the food is infested and must be thrown out. These moths are particularly fond of flour, cereals, rice, grains, spices, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, coffee substitutes, and grain-based products.

It is very difficult and tedious to get rid of them. Each female can lay up to 400 eggs in your pantry, cupboards. These moths are experts in hiding during their pupa stage. It will be necessary to vacuum the entire affected area and wipe it down with hot, soapy water. Replace your shelving liners. Wash your containers in hot, soapy water even if they do not appear to be infested. Dry everything thoroughly, as the moths prefer moist environments. Exam the contents before replacing them in the containers.

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