Pest Control – Restaurants

Cleanliness and comfort is paramount to creating a positive brand image in the restaurant industry.  Part of the formula for maintaining that image involves routine pest management to prevent problems before they can have a negative impact on your brand.Whether the problem is cockroaches, mice, rats, fruit flies, drain flies, houseflies or other infestation, ATG Pest Control, LLC has immediate and long-term solutions. Our programs are customized to your specific facility’s requirements.

We provide a monthly service that includes:

  • Treatment of all common areas as needed|
  • Preventative inspection and treatment for cockroaches in the kitchen and lounge/bar, dining room, restrooms,  storage, and office areas
  • Interior and immediate structure exterior monitoring of rodents 
  • Covered targeted pests – cockroach and rodents

Additional services offered include:

  • Preventative Drain Treatment
  • Pest Identification Training
  • Exclusion Work (replacement of door sweeps and
  • sealing of small holes)
  • Large/House Fly Program

All services performed by ATG Pest Control, LLC are guaranteed for a period of 30 days from the date of treatment. This guarantee does not apply beyond the scope of the original work performed.

Licensed in Illinois, and a member of the Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance (GCPMA)ATG Pest Control, LLC attends seminars to remain up to date on the latest innovations in the industry.

Services are offered Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 5PM.

Emergency Services are also available.



Four types of cockroaches are commonly found in buildings in the United States.  These include the American Cockroach  (about 1.2” long), the German and Asian cockroaches (both approximately .59” in length) and the Oriental cockroach (approximately 1” in length).  Generally, they have large, flat bodis with small heads in relation to their overall length.  They have long antennae and two sets of wings.  At the end of the legs are five claws and the abdomen has ten segments.

Cockroaches have been on earth since the Carboniferous period (354-295 million years ago).  In the four species found in buildings, the female cockroaches carry an egg case, usually, but not always, until shortly before hatching.  Newborn cockroaches are white and gulp air for about four hours until they become harder and darker in color.  A lifetime of young can be produced from a single mating.

All except the Asian cockroach are nocturnal and will flee when exposed to light.  They leave trails that guide other cockroaches to food sources, in their feces.  They release pheromones into the air that attracts other cockroaches.   Cockroaches emit an odor and are known to carry thirty-three bacteria, six parasitic worms and seven human pathogens (including salmonella) and may trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions in your guests.

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